“Give of yourselves to others” – Peter Cancro. 

Our company mission is “Giving…Making a Difference in Someone’s Life.” As a member of our team, we want you to make a difference in peoples’ lives from behind the line and also in your community. 

We are looking for team members who are outgoing and friendly. Bring your best attitudes to work each day. If we have fun, we will be able to work hard. 

Always be on time, follow up on your responsibilities, and give everything that you have.  Every task you undertake is essential to providing distinct quality and superior customer service. 

Set goals for yourself and do what is necessary to achieve those goals. Acknowledge both your strengths and your weaknesses and commit to being more than an employee. Take ownership in your actions, and be positive when wearing our uniform. “I believe that being positive not only make me better, it makes everyone around me better.” – The Positive Pledge 

The success of our business is reliant on you. We expect you to take ownership in the business and help us become more successful.